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Civico Hybrid is a Microsoft audiovisual systems integration application, that augments the capacity of a Microsoft Teams to streamline government committee meetings. This MS-Teams extension application seamlessly integrates a council’s existing committee management system, on-premises audiovisual hardware equipment, and live webcasting platform, with their corporate MS-Teams tenant, to provide a single unified hybrid meeting solution, simplifying workflows, and achieve meeting efficiencies.

Civico Hybrid provides a seamless integration with and AstechCMIS streamlines meeting preparation and live operational workflows, as meeting details and information are dynamically syndicated across the entire meeting ecosystem.

Developed in direct partnership with Microsoft to give Councils confidence they are integrating with a Microsoft Approved and Certified compliant Committee Meeting solution, purpose built for local governments.

With AV meeting templates, deep integration with existing Council Chambers and Committee Room audiovisual systems means meeting preparation and live operational workflows are automated and streamlined: hybrid registration, speaker management, voting, signage display, and live webcasting.

To enable Councils to increase public involvement and engagement, Civico hybrid provides a Council branded and enriched ‘Online Public Gallery’ where citizens can alternatively review and attend public meetings with supporting information.

ADSOs Compliant


Civico is the only purpose-built system for multi-location government meetings, and compliant with latest legislation.



Easy to install and setup. Online training, desk support and live chat ensure the success of your meetings.

System factors


Onsite & cloud seamlessly connected. All meeting data is secure and encrypted at rest and in transit.

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