AV media control 

Connect all AV components to form one complete meeting system where the focus is on the discussion, not the equipment: microphones, cameras, signage and webcasting etc.

Here are some of the features and benefits of AV media control

Discussion management

Leverage a versatile discussion control application that uniquely extends the features of leading microphone systems, optimises the meeting workflow and performance.

Voting efficiency  

Modernise voting for onsite and hybrid meetings: automatically track, tally and record them as one processes and seamlessly stream the results to participants, displays and webcasts.

Smart camera tracking 

Plug-and-play leading cameras for automated speaker tracking with preset correction and real-time meeting overlays: names, agenda items, voting and PIP presentation etc. 

Master recording

Add value and resilience to meetings with a high quality master recording for preservation and smart media distribution across the entire conferencing ecosystem in one workflow. 

Live video streaming

Maintain and strengthen the cornerstone of democracy by enabling citizen’s to attend and engage public meetings with an integrated webcasting system that’s easy to manage.

Meeting overlays

Give attendees structure with real-time distribution of meeting information overlays to video, network displays and signage: titles, speaker names, agenda items and voting results. 

Digital signage display

Provide high-resolution audio-video to hall displays via HDMI or RTSP ingest to digital signage and IPTV systems to engage, inform and enrich attendee’s meeting experiences.

Intelligent registration

Simplify the meeting workflow by allowing members to use their existing building access cards to automate the registration and assignment of seats, microphones and camera. 

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