Live meeting conductor

Control live meetings in one place to manage registration, agenda items, presentations, speakers and digital votes.

Features and benefits of the live meeting conductor

One device

Connect everything involved to one control unit, preconfigured and ready for the non-technical to efficiently manage and live stream government meetings.

One application

Provide structure and direction to keep every type of meeting focused and productive within one intuitive desktop application to prepare and conduct them all. 

Meeting manager

Invisibly import meeting schedules, participants, agenda, votes etc and use a simple drag and drop interface to assign seats, microphones and cameras presents in a room synoptic. 

Live manager

Use one page to efficiently conduct every aspect of live meetings for a natural user experience where the focus is on the discussion.

Indexed meetings

Timestamp agenda items, speaker points and every spoken word across the meeting to instantly jump-through the timeline.

Meeting reporter

Customise every aspect of the meeting report with advanced filters to automatically export data to email, Word and PDF.

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