Carbon Reduction Plan

If our Company is to play our part towards a net zero environment, Civico believes the implementation of our comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan is imperative. Civico’s plan is focus on decreasing energy consumption, reducing waste, optimising resource use, and promoting sustainability in every aspect of the business.

Here we set out the companies comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan, and draws upon industry best practices: 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Objective: Transition to green hosting solutions and utilize renewable energy sources


  • Use energy-efficient data centre’s 
  • Invest in renewable energy certificates (RECs) or offsets

Benefit: Decreases carbon footprint by reducing dependency on non-renewable energy sources

Carbon Offsetting

Objective: Neutralise emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced. tilize renewable energy sources


  • Invest in verified carbon offset projects  
  • Regularly calculate and offset the company’s carbon footprint

Benefit: Compensates for unavoidable emissions, contributing to global carbon reduction efforts

Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

Objective: Minimise emissions from commuting and business travels


  • Implement flexible remote work policies
  • Encourage virtual meetings and minimize business travel

Benefit: Reduces transportation-related emissions and fosters a culture of sustainability.

Sustainable Software Development

Objective: Optimize software to minimize resource use and emissions


  • Develop energy-efficient software using green coding practices
  • Regularly optimize codebase and databases for performance and energy efficiency 

Benefit: Reduces energy consumption and emissions related to software use and operation

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Objective: Minimise waste generation and promote recycling


  • Implement a comprehensive recycling program
  • Reduce paper use by promoting digital documentation

Benefit: Lowers waste-related emissions and promotes a circular economy

Green Procurement

Objective: Prefer suppliers and products with lower environmental impacts


  • Establish green procurement policies
  • Prefer suppliers with established sustainability practices 

Benefit: Encourages sustainability throughout the supply chain and reduces indirect emissions

Employee Education and Engagement

Objective: Foster a culture of sustainability within the company


  • Provide regular training and awareness programs on sustainability
  • Engage employees in carbon reduction initiatives and encourage sustainable practices

Benefit: Builds a motivated and informed workforce contributing to carbon reduction goals

Continuous Improvement and Monitoring

Objective: Regularly review and improve carbon reduction strategies


  • Set measurable carbon reduction targets and regularly monitor progress
  • Continually assess and refine carbon reduction strategies based on performance and emerging best practices

Benefit: Ensures sustained commitment to carbon reduction and adapts to evolving sustainability landscapes

Transparency and Reporting

Objective: Regularly disclose carbon footprint and reduction efforts


  • Publish annual sustainability reports detailing carbon footprint and reduction initiatives
  • Engage with stakeholders on sustainability performance and goals

Benefit: Builds trust with stakeholders and encourages accountability and sustainability in the industry

Implementation and Review

Objective: Regularly review and improve carbon reduction strategies

  • Assign a sustainability coordinator or form a green team to oversee the implementation of the plan 
  • Regularly review the carbon reduction strategies, assess their effectiveness, and adjust the plan as needed to meet the set targets

By implementing this Carbon Reduction Plan, Civico can significantly lower its environmental impact, foster sustainability, and contribute to global carbon reduction efforts, while also setting a benchmark in the software development industry. This not only aids in ecological preservation but also enhances Civico’s corporate image and responsibility.

Name: Daniel Cremin
Revision Date: 06.06.2023

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